Reading across wide subject areas has formed a core activity throughout my life. Science initially provided me with a platform to enter the world of writing and editing during my Studio Pottery studies at Harrow College of Art in London. A means of supporting myself came when needed, almost magically, in the form of an editing job for Longmans publishers where scientific research as subject matter taught me to analyse and precis swathes of information in order to concisely describe and present complex ideas and procedures in a quickly accessible form.

Harrow included writing as a major subject with a focus on more artistic and personally expressive matters.

My teaching has always included opportunities for further development of skills and ideas in this field and gradually the requests for my writing across wide subject areas have gathered.

These include:

Grant and project applications.

Letters of recommendation for important projects and grants.

Exhibition opening speeches.

Lectures on my own work.

Lectures on education practices.

Articles for publication.

Catalogue essays.

Employment applications.

CV development.

Interview preparation.

Career development and planning.